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For all the kings of the earth belong to God. Psalms 47:9

I've been seeing the events on the world stage differently while helping our Live Dead teams. Priorities change. Things I thought important are less so in light of the safety of our teams and opportunities for them to be bold witnesses for Christ.

The unrest around the world has a new hue in that light. It is a problem if it slows the passage of our teams into troubled areas but it can be positive if it sparks a question that leads to a discussion about Jesus, the Prince of Peace.

A Live Dead missionary recently found herself in conversation with a young Muslim girl while smoke lingered from riots in another part of that city. That encounter opened her young friend's eyes to Christ who, surprise!, loves her. That's a concept foreign to Islam—Can I really be assured of God's love?

But it's also foreign to our human nature to hold steady when we are threatened. Holding steady requires a trust in the God of Psalms 47, the God who owns all the kings of the earth. It requires confidence that we are ambassadors representing the highest power of all. That Live Dead missionary could stand there in calm conversation in a threatening environment because she knew who had her back.

Pray for steady boldness for those who speak for the King of kings.

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