Drawing Nearer to the Light

May 2017

And as thy days, so shall thy strength be.” KJV or “And your strength will equal your days.” NIV Deut 33:25

These words lit up the early morning hour as I meditated on them. Frankly, I’ve been tired recently. I’m enjoying my missionary assignment with Live Dead Africa and Africa’s Hope, as much or more than any other, but I needed refreshing. This blessing of Asher focused my thoughts.

When I become weary in well doing, it’s time to check my source of strength and draw closer to the All-powerful One. The Maclauren Expositions commentary reinforced the message:

… drawing nearer to the light, our faces will be brightened more and more with that light which we approach, and our path will be ‘as the light which shines more and more unto the noontime of the day,’ because we are closer to the very fountain of heavenly radiance, and increasingly bathed with the outgoings of His glory.”

The Lord has been blessing this ministry, bringing generous partners alongside and opening doors. It feels like one of those seasons of growth which Pastor David Campbell described in an unforgettable sermon. But in the intensity of that season, it’s easy to not draw close enough to bathe in the fountain of His radiance.

I’m not asking for more financial support—the Lord has blessed us with faithful partners like you and our needs are being met through your monthly support. But I would appreciate prayer for us as the Holy Spirit brings us to your mind, especially if what I’m describing resonates with what you’ve experienced.

How do I say ‘thank you’ adequately? You are much more than financial partners. I have warm memories of times I spent with each of you who support us regularly. You are dear friends.

We send our love and heartfelt appreciation.

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