The Father’s Table Prepared

Kathi and I will feel a rush of excitement soon as our immediate family gathers at our house. “Come kids, we’ve prepared for you. Your rooms are neat, the living room is cozy, the tree is beautiful and in the dining room, oh my!, there’s a feast waiting.”

Our heavenly Father has prepared a place for us, far better than we can imagine. His invitation is all about family, beginning with the endearing term “Father” with which he asks us to address Him. As a father, I feel some of both the excitement and the loss in our Father’s heart. Yes, there is joy that His children are coming. We have accepted His invitation.

But some He loves will not be around His lovingly prepared table. The missing ones have not heard His invitation. Their phone has not rung, nothing is in their mail box. His invitation has not reached their neighborhood and culture sufficiently to give them the slightest chance to hear His invitation. He loves them as dearly as family but they don’t know His Son who paid everything to give them a place at the table. Projecting from my table to His, my father’s heart feels something of His deep sense of loss and it moves me.

Years ago, God clearly and specifically called us to world missions. His call has not lifted in those years nor has the pain eased as I meditate on His love for the lost and unreached. Until the day He lifts that call, we continue working, convinced we are in the center of His will, and grateful for those who faithfully support our ministries at Live Dead Africa and Africa’s Hope.

Merry Christmas, family!

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