Africa’s Hope 2017 annual report

Kathi and I have been assigned to two ministries, Live Dead Africa and Africa’s Hope for the last few years. The Live Dead Africa initiative is more familiar than Africa’s Hope among our friends. A number of candidates have been approved to join Live Dead in the last few years and, as they’ve itinerated, they have created an awareness of the purpose and scope of that initiative.

But Africa’s Hope is not as well known. I would love to sit across the table and talk to you about it but until I can, perhaps the 2017 annual report will help bridge the gap. I have copies available if you would like one.

In brief, Africa’s Hope was born of a desire to help African AG church leaders reach ambitious goals they set for themselves during the Decade of Harvest—goals to plant tens of thousands of churches across Africa. Those new churches would need pastors, not novices, but biblically trained, Spirit-led leaders. But to train those pastors:

  • many more Bible schools would be needed,
  • quality curriculum written for the African context would be a must,
  • delivery systems (printing presses and electronic devices like Kindles) would be very important and
  • scholarships to help students from impoverished countries would be critical.

Africa’s Hope is addressing those challenges. In the pages of the annual report, you will see reports of those four resources, and others, being supplied. Now, as many national churches are meeting and exceeding the goals they set for planting churches in their countries, Africa’s Hope is partnering to help them fill those pulpits with well trained leaders.

Kathi and I were honored to be invited by the Africa leadership team to work as the development team leader for Africa’s Hope in 2014. The Holy Spirit confirmed that leading and we have been in that role since, working closely with Dr. John Easter, who is the director for Africa’s Hope and the strategic leader for training in Africa.

Larry and Kathi Hall
Live Dead Africa/Africa’s Hope

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