Thanksgiving in the air

This Thanksgiving, Kathi and I will learn how American Airlines serves turkey. Considering how much we enjoy being with family and friends, it will be unusually lonely but, in the end, worthwhile. Instead of being with family on that special day, we will celebrate with them later.

But Kathi cannot let the thoughts of past Thanksgivings go unremembered. Even though it won’t be used this holiday, our formal dining table has been festively decorated for weeks, evoking delicious memories. This table joined our household before our daughters were born and it stands as an altar dedicated to the goodness of the Lord through all the years of our marriage. We’ve laughed, cried and prayed countless times over it, crafting memories which include many of you. Of such is family.

And we will make up for the missed holiday just days later. Our granddaughters, with Heidi and Randy, will help us make new memories on Oahu, next Sunday which is our 45th anniversary. While we’re there, we’ll see a few island friends including a couple of days with Cecil on Kauai.

So, this table will be empty this season, but the echos of old and new memories will surround us. If we don’t see you, I pray you will feel our love!

Larry and Kathi

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