Randy Hurst

Greetings in Jesus’ wonderful name!

I’m writing to commend to you the ministry of Larry Hall who is a career missionary associate with Assemblies of God World Missions. Larry comes from an exemplary missionary family that ministered for a lifetime in Cuba, the South Pacific, China, and Hong Kong.

I have known Larry for many years. He has very capably served in a variety of occupations in the business world. He has exceptional abilities and could do so many things in life so well. Throughout his business career, he was one of those lay-leaders in a congregation every pastor covets. I consulted him over the years on technical computer issues related to our missionary ministry, and he always evidenced a passionate heart for the lost and the posture of a servant in Christ’s kingdom.

In the few years leading up to the time I was asked by the World Missions Executive Committee to come and serve as communications director for AGWM, Larry and I had shared a vision concerning how the Lord might lead us to work together. Then shortly after the World Missions Executive Committee asked me to come and serve as communications director, I approached Larry about coming and working with AGWM.

At a time in his life when most would be securing their financial futures, Larry gave up an income of about five times what he would receive working with us, and he and Kathi both did it gladly. I can’t tell you how many times both Larry and Kathi have expressed their joy in serving the cause of missions.

Larry has so many gifts that serve World Missions, but among the most significant is that he’s been instrumental in developing and managing our communications system with our donors and churches for fund appeals that benefit our entire missionary family and national churches throughout the world. The Communications Department primarily works to raise the funds for AG World Missions Relief, for the suffering church, and to shorten new missionaries’ itineration time, as well as we do occasional emergency projects that are especially needy.

Larry and Kathi are filling vital roles in helping to communicate the cause of world missions to our Fellowship and especially helping us sufficiently communicate needs and thank the many thousands of people in churches who contribute to our most urgent causes.

Since Larry’s coming and helping us develop this communication system, we have seen a huge increase in the responsessomewhere between $30-$40 million in response to appeals, much of which would not have come in had it not been for Larry’s system development and management. His contribution to our cause is one of those that is definitely measurable and has enabled us to supply our missionaries in many countries with funds that have not only touched the poor and suffering but have brought them the gospel and in a number of cases churches have been established through these efforts.

Larry is now itinerating to raise his budget as a minister in the Arkansas district. I want to express to you our request that you prayerfully consider supporting Larry and Kathi on a monthly basis. Brother Bueno, the other members of the Executive Committee and I know what vital role he is filling for which we have never had someone with his capabilities until the Lord called and sent him to us.

Please know that anything you do to help with Larry’s support is an exceptionally effective and efficient investment in the cause of reaching the lost of our world and serving our great missionary family.

May the Lord bless you for anything you can do to help these wonderful people.

Until All Have Heard,

Randy Hurst
Director of AGWM Communications

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